Coltrane, Einstein, and the Bomb

stefan tyszko self portrait
Dartmouth professor and astrophysicist Stephon Alexander describes his jazz epiphany as occasioned by a complex diagram Coltrane gave legendary jazz musician and University of Massachusetts professor Yusef Lateef in 1967. “I thought the diagram was related to another and seemingly unrelated field of study—quantum gravity,” he writes in a Business Insider essay on his discovery, “What I had realized… was that the same geometric principle that motivated Einstein’s theory was reflected in Coltrane’s diagram.” joshua jones

in this episode, we bare this beautiful confluence  in mind
my dead brother stefan poses for this modernist autobiographical shot from around 1966 with both miles davis , herman neitze, and coltrane placed, artfully in plain sight

sine waves, mind control, and some radiation (in a storm)

mind control through sound... beta and gamma radiation.... a radioactive thunderstorm... past life regression.... and much much more on isotopica.... like wow!

a saucepan, a freud, a fox and i

simon tyszko in a new suit
we prepared a saucepan,
and played it as a semi autonomous instrument
by lighting and adjusting the gas. we added a partial recording of a new text by jimmy fox (16 and a half)... we then added some wax cylinder recordings and other sound items,
which we treated with a complex array of digital effects, and then mixed the various sound files into todays edition of isotopica.
simon tyszko in a new suit
so jazz
en paris jimmy fox freud
en paris jimmy fox freud

sutton ritzy

simon tyszko in conversation with dudley sutton, in which dudley tells us about his experience of the english middle class, censorship and the queen

international brigades (south west london)

lou kenton
a field recording of a moving event in bishops park fulham at a memorial for the local lives lost and the wider struggle of the international brigade in their historic fight against the facists in spain.
the memorial was placed by the socialist council in 2007.
the event recorded here marks the anniversary of The Battle of Jarama (February 6–27, 1937), which was an attempt by General Francisco Franco's Nationalists to dislodge the Republican lines along the river Jarama, just east of Madrid, during the Spanish Civil War. Elite Spanish Legionnaires and Moroccan Regulares from the Army of Africa forced back the Republican Army of the Centre, including the International Brigades, but after days of fierce fighting no breakthrough was achieved. Republican counterattacks along the captured ground likewise failed, resulting in heavy casualties to both sides.

i was accompanied by oldest friend john kenton who's father lou was one of the longest living brigadista, having died only two years ago at the age of 103.
lou kenton
Lou Kenton was an English proofreader who served as a medical courier and ambulance driver with the International Brigade and was its oldest surviving member at the time of his death.

bingo number stations (ode to brexit)

vintage radio entusiast
as britain heads towards the cultural cliff edge of the foul brexit, isotopica considers this fate with a kind of 'carry on' number stations edition.... early edison wax cylinders, field recordings and judiciously selected samples make up this edition, as well as a world premiere of 'ode to brexit' by yours truly.

strange french

and-tirez-bar-aged-slim-trimmed glitche 2

a piece of music just grabs the moment and right now for me it is la vie moderne by Léo Ferré,who was a French-born Monégasque poet and composer, and a dynamic and controversial live performer, whose career in France dominated the years after the Second World War until his death...and also we start the broadcast with Golden Dark, the haunting new collaboration between elo masing and david john hull, a tune which has grabbed me for somewhat different reasons.... 
so why ferré? perhaps this song encapsulates a particular european modernism, a swing, a twist upon so much culture, the unique francophone traditions of chanson... with the world dashing backwards from reason and truth this music has me perhaps, spinning in a better time.... 
so.. we play it four times, at different  durations (same pitch), as a meditation, and a celebration........

my dad had 14 children
and if today I wear Dior
It’s obviously unrelated
My virtue is not excusing itself so well 
None ever knew
But when I did it had gone
The modern life, modern life
I had a nose like Cyrano 
A big, fancy, funny one
A real radar for gigolos
Since it’s been recovered
from a cheapo surgery
I can no longer sniff titties
The modern life, modern life
with then rounds of fertiliser
biology spawns children 
who come home alone to their mummy
in the labs they are horny
and in the streets they cuckolded
the hen lays eggs but sings no more
The modern life, modern life
Newspaper are like bandages
They need to be changed sometimes
Otherwise it messes with your mind
And beside no need for ideas
Because ideas make you think
and thoughts make you argue
The modern life, modern life
There are people who look exotic
and to scoff a “l’as de pique”
they would go all the way to Peking
Me without visa or prospect 
Albeit with bus tickets
I see a lot of people, even Americans / and that’s not far
The modern life, modern life
The shops are overwhelmed
selling paper gems
the kind that won’t ruin you 
Tissues that only get used once
So at least we know what
what the purpose is to have 10 fingers
The modern life, modern life