Subtitled Radio is an accompanying project to the Isotopica Radio series.
Originating from a  study of Leni reifenstahl’s Fascist Epic ‘Olympia‘, the first modern propaganda olympic games in 1936 Berlin.
The spectacle of the games were designed around the film project, and intended as a lasting monument of the founding days of the One Thousand Year Reich (it lasted 12).
The integral vulgarity and body fascism of National Socialism was easily imprinted onto the Olympic Games and in response to these studies, artist Simon Tyszko rendered the two part film entirely in reverse. The Olympic committee were initially enthusiastic about an artist working with the film, yet withdrew their permission for this use when the overtly political nature of the Tyszko’s practice was perhaps better understood. The Film continues to be shown at underground film festivals without specific intervention from the artist.
The Hobart is a continuation of this work, where timing elements of films are radically altered, allowing us to view familiar cinematic notions in greater and sometimes excruciating detail.
In this instance Hobart is also simply rendered in reverse, yet scored with an abstracted composition made as part of the `Isotopica radio series. Reworked from “Alone in the Wilderness’ a Documentary telling the story of Dick Proenneke who, in the late 1960s, built his own cabin in the wilderness at the base of the Aleutian Peninsula.

From Philip K. Dick’s 1967 novel Counter Clock World.
The Hobart Phase is the new order of life where people rise from the dead and are rejuvenated. Time reversal apparently began in 1986.
Other than aging, Hobart Phase resurrection has changed nutritional and excretion processes and associated social taboos. People do not eat, but instead consume anally through a pipe, and later “plop” out food orally, which is done in private, due to its ‘shameful’ nature.
As for smoking, cigarettes are no longer smoked, but the smoke instead blown back into them, making them grow back to normal size (this also clears and freshens the air).
“Goodbye” and “hello” have reversed their order within standard greetings, and “food” is used as a drop-in replacement for the expletive “shit”.
It is stated that Mars colonists do not have the Hobart Phase on their world, and it is limited to Earth, and presumably its lunar colonies as well.

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