Flying Saucers, Lenin’s Tomb, ARP 2500, Full Lotus


Rough Notes
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Simeon ten Holt (24 January 1923 – 25 November 2012) was a Dutch contemporary classical composer.
Éliane Radigue (born January 24, 1932) is a French electronic music composer. She began working in the 1950s and her first compositions were presented in the late 1960s. Until 2000 her work was almost exclusively created on a single synthesizer, the ARP 2500 modular system and tape. Since 2001 she has composed mainly for acoustic instruments.[1] and super loopy aetherius society, the real flying saucer people, forget area 43 it all happening in fulham sw6. And a looping monologue from the excellent DOWN TERRACE (2010) plus plus plus

space men

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