making kodak film
a delicious chemistry

This is the episode that hovers in the deliciously seedy depths of sixties
strip-club culture with the first screen appearance of NICO (velvet under ground etc etc ) with music by Serge Gainsbourg and style beyond in the 1963 French B movie striptease (sweet skin), sideways we move to west london and a man who’s advert i have seen on a tree for years discusses his psychic talents under the wing at phlight. Burroughs struts his stuff in Ah pook the destroyer, Gainsbourg zigs zags us to a father and son duet in the streets of Lhassa after which we land in 1950’s Holland to discover how Kodak film is made (in dutch). You call everybody darling is a seventy eight i recorded for a girl friend whom did as it said on the record label as we head back to striptease and further 60’s romp with Peter cook singing the hauntingly stylish theme of Bedazzled.

Next we learn how sound is added to max fleicher cartoons, segued into two palestinian radio clips which in turn become a horrific 1950’s anti gay propaganda clip which could so easily be the same today in far too many places.

I finish with a 1930;s hawaiian 78 and plug for the show

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