An ArtAngel in the house

Last updated on January 3, 2019


An gentle and informal conversation with James Lingwood, co-director (along with Michael Morris) of ArtAngel, almost certainly the┬ácommissioning┬ábody┬áresponsible┬áfor some of the most interesting┬áart projects we┬áhave seen in the past 20 plus yearsÔÇŽ

An article in The Daily Telegraph described the organisation as creating “art that operates by ambush, rather than asking you to pay up before you see it”,while a profile in The Observer noted that “Artangel has worked with exceptional artists to produce some of the most resonant works of our time, in some very unusual places”.┬áThese have included a condemned council flat (Seizure, 2008ÔÇô2010), a former postal sorting office (K├╝ba, 2005), a vacated general plumbing store (An Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty, 2002) and the former Oxford Street branch of the department store (Break Down, 2001).

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