Buñuel, The Virgin Mary and some Gin

Last updated on March 6, 2016


* Buñuel, The Virgin Mary and some Gin is an extended minimalist existential mediation on the nature of class, revolution and the perfect martini with master filmmaker Luis Buñuel’s magnificent musings the perfect recipe for this classic cocktail compared to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

*this episode contains a punchline
Ananda Lahari  clogs
Heijastuva Ø
Anksiolyytti Ø
Arctic Hysteria  The Residents
013 +- 6.18   Christian Fennesz
Carillon Michael Harrison
Animus Redhooker
Minor Key Simon tyszko

Un Chien Andalou (French pronunciation: [œ̃ ʃjɛ̃ ɑ̃dalu], An Andalusian Dog
from the 1929 film by Buñuel and Dali

Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano


simon tyszko ‘ worry’
Perhaps an underlying theme for this episdoe and one echoed by the text and ‘punchline’ as narrated by tyszko at the end



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