Buñuel, The Virgin Mary and some Gin

Is an extended minimalist mediation on the nature of class, revolution, and the creation of the perfect Martini, in which master film maker Luis Buñuel's magnificent musings on the perfect recipe for this classic cocktail, conflates the vitally judged addition of Vermouth to the mix with the holiest myths of Catholicism, being the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

Deliciously dry humour, dry gin, and a very catholic blasphemy. 

Originally broadcast live broadcast from the London Science Museum as part of Dr Aleks Kolkowski's "The Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound".

While acting as the London Science Museum's artist in residence, Aleks discovered a dust covered magnetic object on a store room shelf, which he correctly identified as the remaining driver from the legendary Exponential Horn, the worlds largest loudspeaker, and a technological wonder of it's day. The Denholm Horn as it was widely known, named after the director of the museum at the time,  measured 27 feet (8.23m) in length with a cross-section that curved exponentially from 1 1/16 inches (27mm) to a massive 7-foot-1-inch square (2.16m sq.) at the horn mouth. 
It became a popular lunchtime destination for working Londoner's who would bring their sandwiches to eat while enjoying the unparalleled clarity and depth of this magnificent speaker, mostly playing the BBC home service.  

This episode contains a punchline

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This week: we listen to an early Isotopica ‘durational’ composition by Simon Tyszko circa 2014 featuring Luis Buñuel’s legendary recipe for the perfect dry Martini,

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