100 air kisses before nine pm


As an artist I have, over the years attended my fair share of openings and events, a see and be seen, inhaling the rarified airs and experiencing the frisson and glamour of the big game in art. I have sold work, and met collaborators, ended up in beds and garrets, bars and restaurants. I have played the game and worked the rooms…….. Yet as i have moved away from academia and the anonymous invitations multiply, the vibrant pulse of the hottests blooded galleries perhaps, becomes somewhat harder to feel.

Therefore today i am In light conversation with the delightful Patrick Fetherstonhaugh, Founder (along with brother Tristram) of GalleriesNow.net, which is a curated guide to the best art exhibitions at galleries in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and around the world.

patrick and tristram
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a true rebel
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