spectral snap crackle pop and echo


This week Simon Tyszko  (again) channels Mark Fisher and Jacques Derrida, within a composition  of texture and spectrality of (Vinyl) Surface Noise, and extended through copious echos.
Our working title……….: Spectral Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Echo.

Simon Tyszko this week takes Isotopica further into the mysteries of recent experimentations, examining and pushing the boundaries of what we might consider a contemporary and avant-garde approach to dub, bringing together recordings of radio static and tuning artefacts with extended echoes, creating a unique sonic space almost free of expected gravity, both weightless, and timeless…… and with a cherry somewhere on the top.

.I hope you’ll enjoy an experiment which is a composition created entirely with the snap, the crackle and the pop from vinyl recordings, from the early trip artists, trip hop artists, and the hauntologists who swarm around Mark Fisher and Jacques Derrida. Vinyl Crackle underpins much of that. And this last week was a programme about Transylvanian dub in which I went on to actually play a whole series of records, which is very unusual for Isotopica. I thought I would take it in a entirely different direction, which today is just the echo because an awful lot of this snap, crackle and the pop will be fed through very extended digital delays.

Are you ready for this? I hope so.
Oviously there’s an academic content, having already mentioned Derrida, we’ve mentioned Mark Fisher, and the list simply goes on and on. So why don’t we just sit back, perhaps put our feet up, perhaps not, and see if we enjoy today’s edition of snap, crackle and pop here on Isotopica with me, Simon Tyszko.

I’ll probably share another word with you all after this.

Creative review sonic award winning dub plate installation via Tomato/Underworld
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