The dragon in my smoke: with Happy Hari and the story of the joss stick


From the perfume palaces of Persia, through Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, to the anarchist squats of 70’s london, soundtracked to Hawkwind’s Silver Machine:
The joss stick has left it’s lingering aroma, and indelibly marked the memory of this artist.
We talk ingredients, methods, place and time with master of  the joss stick Paul ‘Happy Hari’ Eagle.
Hari’s delicious incense is available here

Simon and Paul are discussing a PsychoAromatic memory project together as part of Tyszko’s long journey into the tragedies of his past, heading back to Notting Hill gate in the mid 1960’s when Tyszko lost his brother and where much of his practice first originated… watch this space


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