A convivial conversation with a cat on a bike as the crane cries


This particular episode revolves around a trip to the vet with Idoru the cat, during which we share a delightful conversation around topics of the day.

Our cycling conversation perfectly sets the scene for a program approaching the cutting edges of trans-species art research,  featuring tracks from a new album entitled ‘Crane Cries’, which revolves around a live recording emulating the sounds and intentions of cranes through string improvisation and unusual techniques, by the quartet of Estonian violinist Elo Masing, German violinist Dietrich Petzold, Portuguese violist and cellist Ernesto and Guilherme Rodrigues, who name each of the 8 tracks after the behaviour of cranes,  forming a flock, migration, fighting, ritual dancing, and nesting.

This conflation of the chat with a cat on a bicycle, and the avian themed avant guard music is purely coincidental, and only came about when isotopicee Elo Masing sent this latest release hot off the presses from Berlin, which is available as a limited edition from various online outlets including Ernesto Rodrigues’ Bandcamp site here.
Yet at the same time Elo has been working for several years now with avian artistic tandem Kakaduu, Agapornis Fischeri, originally from Central Africa and now based in Berlin, Germany. Kakaduu established themselves as artists in London, UK, where they lived from 2009 till 2015. They have been active in the visual arts since 2010 and first gained recognition with the wood veneer and cardboard sculpture “Me and My Home”. Other well-known works include “My Cage” and “My Nightmares About the Cat”.
Most recently Kakaduu been the worlds first birds to have produced a human musical record release with Berlin based WIG ensemble’s unique album Music For Birds, which features in a future edition is Isotopica.

Much more to follow on our trans-species investigations to follow.

as it turned out, Idoru was not unwell, and her recent strange behaviour was simply one of those cat things, although the vet (at the amazing and wonderful animal charity The Blue Cross)   mentioned several time that Idoru was fat….
Subsequently our new crash diet seems to have bought out the hidden kitten in both Voltaire and Idoru, and we have entered an exciting and new athletic phase under the aeroplane wing here at Phlight

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