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a funny thing happened to me on the way to the studio

i had the results of my second opinion hearing tests today (NHS vrs boots) and it seems it’s true….. Way back in the late 90’s when i first gave up drinking, i was desperate for feelings, any feelings, and this included trying to make (terrible) dance music in my home studio on headphones, with every possible output boosted beyond maximum… The result was that a year or so later the ringing had still not stopped, and gradually the high frequency end of my hearing has radically tapered off. In company of actors my hearing is fine, they naturally seem to projects without shouting, but mumblers and the not so sure tend to have me straining to catch every word… so now im going to start boosting my hearing electronically….. and am waiting with a vital interest for the results of several gene therapy studies that hope to regrow the damages cilia, with an attenuated viral vector injected directly into the ear….. watch this space
hearing-chart My hearing test results

Old Punks Hear Hard
Old Punks Hear Hard

A vine from our

‘isotopica alive’

at the beaconsfield gallery 20th birthday celebration

Notting Hill Gate y quintessence 1967

Things look great in Notting Hill Gate
They really move with the change in times
But only you can know the reason why
Why they hide behind their own third eye

Things look cool in Notting school
They never go about playing no rules
But only you can know the reason why
Why they fly in the sky so high

Getting it straight in Notting Hill Gate
We all sit around and meditate
But only you can know the reason why
Why we fly in the sky so high

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