If Jagger were French?


This is the episode that starts off in a delicious amateurism with The Portsmouth Sinfonia,
I then ask you to consider what would the world be like if Mick Jagger were french, with a Gallic turner from the classic 60’s film Performance,
after which we veer sideways into last weeks end piece character 60’s avant-garde sound artist Alvin Lucier, this time he is performing and then discussing some of his work, and at some point he segues back into the fabulous Dr. Chicago character and then back into Artist Lucier, at which point i ask you to really meditate upon where one begins and another actually ends…… Patty Hearst, Captain Beefheart and some 78’s move us towards a sound recording of the security at the Really Free School and we limp toward the end of our hour with disgracefully disgraced sex therapist Wilhelm Reich or at least his Wife…..

activism, performance and anarchy
who’s that?
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