Hauntological Frieze

Last updated on January 20, 2015


In todays isotopica we have a very brief frieze special from under a duvet in West London and we also ask you to consider the concept of Hauntology as recently described online┬áby┬árenaissance┬áman Mark Pilkington and academically┬á introduced at various points by Jaques Derida, most specifically in His┬á1993 work Specters of Marx. ┬áHe talks of Sprits, of Haunting and Le Fant├┤me in some excerpts from the┬áfabulous and obscurantist Film Ghost Dance by┬áKen McMullan. We craftily mix this with a selection of attenuated 78’s, sprinkle the recording with some brief frieze conversations, and so on till next week, when we hopefully bring you some more.

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