who am eye (my european identity)

Last updated on September 18, 2016



who am eye.

Cary Grant was very excited by and fond of LSD
Cary Grant was very excited by and fond of LSD
 Post unnecessary plebiscite, handed down to the uk by simply the most arrogant and incompetent prime minister we have ever experienced,  

this silly little island is in search of an identity….. like an early teenager trying on new styles and fashions engerlund, is struggling to understand what a nasty and shitty step it has taken…..  “what us”, xenophobes?  what does that even mean, the plebysiteees ask…
eye obviously have no  answers as such but i have made this algorithmically engineered sonic poem with a very confused cary grant to help us  s0rt it out. 
in this work, cary, an emigreé working for an immigrant  (Alfred Hitchock)wizz around and help us think… who are we now?  features dr lucilee bach on secret vocals

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