Is it that time already?


It’s now always a late 1970’s Sunday afternoon in the in the days of the contemporary Pest

A mechanical timer prised from a discarded kitchen in a Bruxelles back street, provides an analogue rhythm around which we build today’s program.  Camus provides some words, we tune in to some intercultural networked improvised music from The Ethernet Orchestra, sample a new livestream sound work from Matthew Olden, and all as we gently muse on our world spun upside down on an unfamiliar axis.

7-8PM UTC+01:00

Ethernet Orchestra 

is an Internet-based musical ensemble that explores intercultural improvisation through musical performances in located venues and on the web. Founded by trumpeter Roger Mills, the ensemble was formed to address the underrepresentation of the diverse musical cultures in online music making.  The group combines electronic and traditional instruments, including Mongolian moron khuur (horse fiddle) and throat singing, tabla,  Persian tanbur, tar, balaban, and the Japanese shakuhachi, blended with Buchla synthesizer, DX7, Ableton, voice, guitar, trumpet, and sax. 

Oceans between Sound is the second album by Ethernet Orchestra and covers a 4 year period of the groups performances and online jam sessions. It is free to download with artwork and CDR disc prints from the Chilean net label Pueblo Nuevo

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