Voiced, spoken, said, uttered, expressed, articulated, oral, by mouth.


A Radio impression of VOCALIS, an irregular performance event at the delicious Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall London.

VOCALIS places emphasis on giving voice in many forms; sharing ideas, drawing on collective memory and Beaconsfield’s long engagement with text, time-based/live art, performance and sound. Informal and open, Vocalis happens in Beaconsfield’s intimate cafe space – where food and fluids mix with electrical impulses and vocalised concepts.

Michael Curran MC


Jeroen van Dooren explores divided subjectivities in the company of performing rabbits

Jefford Horrigan
performs a very personal ritual within a bespoke sculptural assemblage that is jealous of painting

Tara Fatehi Irani
mishandles an archive from Tehran through photographic images, dance, spoken word and digital media

Liming Lin aspires to be a symbol – that everyone looks up to

Niamh Roberts
delivers a love story especially penned for Vocalis.

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