restless  adjective
1 …. was restless, moving uneasily about the hut: uneasy, ill at ease, restive, fidgety, edgy, on edge, tense, worked up, nervous, agitated, anxious, on tenterhooks, keyed up, apprehensive, unquiet, impatient; Brit. nervy; informal jumpy, jittery, twitchy, uptight, wired, like a cat on a hot tin roof; Brit. informal like a cat on hot bricks, stressy. ANTONYMS calm.
2 he had spent a restless night: sleepless, wakeful, insomniac; fitful, broken, disturbed, troubled, unsettled, uncomfortable; tossing and turning; archaic watchful; rare insomnolent.


 As our thoughts turn towards hibernation, isotopica peers inwards to the restless pink noise of the artist’s soul. Marking just over a year since our last notable exhibition (UNFunFair Beaconsfield London), and without even the lingering fumes from a barely remembered sale, we use unpaid bills for warmth on the fire as we look for reasons to get out of bed, and Sisyphus like do what artists do… Therefor we present a gentle soundscape entitled ‘Restless’ which perhaps echoes (we love echo) the winter lives of of the creative at the fringe of one of the most monied art worlds in history.

Restless’ 58m 32seconds Tyszko 2014

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