a new series, a new place: nothing changes

Isotopica returns for another critical and cultured season of gently curated sonic detours every Tuesday between 3-4 pm on london dials 104.4fm and www.resonancefm.com streaming.
Episode one on the 16th September, investigate an abandoned Southern Italian mountain village and investigates the possibility of a new artistic colony twinned with West London.
Featuring well tempered re-arrangements of sine, triangle, square and associate harmonic waves encapsulated into discreet 59 minute long form audio artworks,  the series revolves around the almost fictive practice of artist simon tyszko, and his radical political, cultural and scientific peers from the stranger corners of the European Demi-monde.
Guests and themes this season will include but not be limited to, dudley sutton, Viv Albertine, Birgitta Jonsdottir, market traders, the raincoats, holly johnson, a new italian commune, mick jones, a socialist utopia, neo liberal dystopia, elo masing,
the raincoats, the Red Army Faction, Mr George the Soho tailor, Adam Curtis, plus plus plus plus plus
The producers of isotopica accept absolute responsibility for all content and consequences and are available for private seances, children parties, weddings and dowsing.

Repeated at a Five AM Friday morning for those who didn’t believe it the first time.

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sponsored by Illogistics PLC
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