A Dead Month Detour


The dead months of the new year can just disappear under grey skies or can be a magical time for travel or sleep. Either way this episode of isotopica takes elements of both to weave a seasonal sonic detour.

french kissing an innocent
French kissing an innocent. a still from fabulous 1961 British supernatural gothic horror film ‘the innocents

theme tune and excerpts from Viva la Muerte (Long Live Death)-1971-Fernando Arrabal
Shadowed Forest: by softspace
wedding tune: Kadir Durvesh (Shehnai)
Kod Hang Kam: Kana TNT from the never dissapointing thai label Zud Rang Maa
a stroll on the south coast, way back when with pippa small
theme tune from ‘the innocents‘ 1961 British supernatural gothic horror film.
From a trip to scatter my cats ashes in india, the sound of tibetan monks debating the meaning of…
The 8bit midi sound of a keygen cracking code
last message from a crashing aeroplane
audio book cassette advice
an ex girlfriend’s one hit wonder band from the early 80’s
excerpt from a large scale performance work made with the shunt collective some time ago
Mcoy tyner plays burt bacharacht
to fade out…….

by the seaside beside the sea
by the seaside beside the sea
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