today on isotopica  we
speak with
Thaddaeus Ropac,
owner and director of the eponymous european galleries…..
we converse and let our toes skim the surface of what is a deep mystery to many contemporary artists….. the art market and the gallery system..  
as ever i claim few journalistic skills and actually find myself a little out of my bleak comfort zones, and instead in the dazzling bright lights where high culture meets high commerce….
Ropac, a charming man and one time student of jospeph beuys, displays a rare authenticity, especially in comparison with some of the london galleries of which many of us are so jaded and familiar….
In reality a conversation perhaps only just begun, yet i hope you enjoy this little detour thru paris……
also featuring some rare japanese shellac 78 rpm recordings, marcel duchamp, john lennon, yoko ono and of course joseph beuys


Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim photographed by *dennis hopper
at “ICONS OF THE SIXTIES” ropac gallery pantin 2015
photograph chosen in memory of when isotopica last met hopper and after much laughter, we asked him to adopt us…. unfortunately….

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