Curzon Workers Living Wage


Can you hear that deafening sound echoing through London?

Just fuck off
Just fuck off

It’s the sound of the goodness and the joy being sucked out of our lives and our social fabric by the Neo-Liberal free market.

Therefor this week, isotopica gets to meet some art house cinema workers (curzon) who describe their personal war of attrition as this much loved cultural institution gets hollowed out and expands as a brand, to provide value for the shareholder and remove all traces of the passion that originally bought it life.
This fight is a microcosm of the battle waging all around us as the human right to a living wage is spat upon by our neo-liberal kleptocracy.
All voices have been disguised as dissent is punishable by zero hours on a zero hour contract.
links to follow to find out more and get involved

  • Write directly to [email protected] tell him how you feel about the living wage and the plasticisation of the curzon cinemas.


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