Seanace, Science and an interview with God (Delia Derbyshire)


The Isotopica studio during our seance, channeling the magnificent Delia Derbyshire who helps us to understand THERE IS NO GOD, phew!Recording today's episode required more than the udsual studio set up

Recording today’s episode required more than the usual studio set up

oh dear, there is no god
oh dear, there is no god

Delia Derbyshire could spot the individual instruments in the grooves of a vinyl recording. Perhaps she had gifts from heaven.
Delia (with her colleagues at the bbc radiophonic workshop) invented techno electronic music, was instrumental in developing sampling and was light years ahead of the world she inhabited.
I recently listen to a small selection of her work and felt dwarfed in its presence. Today’s episode is an homage……..

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