In Conversation with Gerard Melanga and Dr Jean wainwright

Gerard Joseph Malanga (born March 20, 1943) is an American poet, photographer, filmmaker, curator and archivist.

Andy Warhol and The Factory

Gerard Malanga worked closely with Warhol during that artist’s most creative period, from 1963 to 1970.[2] A February 17, 1992 article in The New York Times referred to him as “Andy Warhol’s most important associate.”[3][4]

Malanga was involved in all phases of Warhol’s creative output in silkscreen painting and filmmaking. He acted in many of the early Warhol films, including Kiss (1963), Harlot (1964), Soap Opera (1964), Couch (1964), Vinyl (1965), Camp (1965), Chelsea Girls (1966); and co-produced Bufferin (1967) in which he reads his poetry, deemed to be the longest spoken-word movie on record at 33-minutes nonstop. Malanga played a combination of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby in Warhol’s film Since (1966). Also in 1966, he choreographed the music of the Velvet Underground for Warhol’s multimedia presentation, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable. In 1969, Malanga was one of the founding editors, along with Warhol and John Wilcock, of Interview magazine.[5] In December 1970, Malanga left Warhol’s studio to pursue his work in photography.

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