Ice Cool with Mogensen (melting fast)


Pirates have proposed a congressional statement, directing the Welfare Minister to implement a guaranteed minimum income, what in recent years has also gone under the name of universal basic income or citizen wage.

More precisely, the proposal, made by Halldóra Mogensen, Jón Þór Ólafsson and Birgitta Jónsdóttir on Monday, would instruct the Minister to form a team to “map ways to ensure an unconditional minimum income for all the country’s citizens, with the aim to support economic and social rights and eliminate poverty.”

Therefore Isotopica treats with Icelandic MP Halldóra Mogensen, who as a Pirate Party member is also listed as  Poet, Dreamer. Dreaming a society free of mindless doing. Nurturing the human being versus the human doer.

Dóra read us us a poem and we happily digress while floating in an algorithmically generated pentatonic composition.
Political balance is maintained with a delightful viral clip from a recent LBC phone in show in which a UKIP supporter demonstrates the nuance and subtlety with which the United Kingdom Independence have gauged the pulse of this Foul Britannia…….

A smile rearranged.
It’s as if I’m standing still,
orbiting our collective will,
a string tied taut
with me caught
and then applied to the world,
but I am soon to be hurled off course
by a planet dying,
an imploding supernova
defying my steady cause,
eroding in space
where matter is grace,
how it recombines
at the pace of a pause,
and redefines the cold landscape
that I mind
during my time without time,
behind the unseen,
beyond reason and its fallible doctrine,
where life has no beginning and no end,
where being is winning
and everything else is pretend.
A pantomime that I will no longer
attend to nor pretend to partake in
for how can I forsake this gift that I am
to conceive a belief
where I’m adrift in grief,
believing that I’m alone,
a clone of mistrust
and misfortune
spawned from the seeds
of societies ill deeds
and soon to be dead.
In a bed.
In a room.
In a house.
My tomb full of things
that were never enough,
a life spent collecting,
not wisdom, but stuff,
experience traded
for faded belongings,
a smile rearranged for a tear,
joy exchanged for fear,
life in a prison for the free,
all this when all I need to do
is just be.

Tyszko ,Naked, hurls Molotov Cocktails at  Mother Nature's Frozen Best ,in Aktion Werk Satire Number Seven . Iceland 2004
Tyszko, Naked, hurls Molotov Cocktails at Mother Nature’s Frozen Best,
in Aktion Werk Satire Number Seven. (way after Richard Long)
Iceland 2004


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