Paris sans Martin Stone, sans arcades, mais avec le marché et les amateurs de certains iTunes | Android | RSSMartin Stone born 11 December 1946, died November the 7th 2016 at home in his apartment in Versailles on the outskirts of Paris. He died quietly in his sleep after a year long fight against cancer and was cared for by his long term partner Lynn. Martin was an English guitarist […]

Bowie: Me: Some medical archives and filthy feedback iTunes | Android | RSSIsotopica’s second thoughts on Bowie

The Future is the Past : incept date January 8th 2016 iTunes | Android | RSSRough Episode notes….. lemmy, fruit machines, hawkwind, lsd, my first heroin overdose, post bomber tour christmas party after hammersmith odeon gig (1980?) hauntology points to brazil being possibly the last film ever made, even featuring Scarfolk style posters including ‘ we are all in this together’ zzzzzp which takes up to the present, which was […]

Plumb: composition, collaboration and molten lead iTunes | Android | RSSIsotopica today is a series of compositional performance, plumbing lessons, plumbing lessons that become performance, and collaborations with and excerpts from performances of The Clapton Ensemble. Please do not attempt any of this at home without a doctorate level composer present. (we ended up semi flooded in the making of […]

A Dead Drop from 48,000 inches iTunes | Android | RSS What do you get when you place a 5.5 ft rabbit (marina sossi) in a 54 year old light aircraft with a famous photographer turned academic (spencer rowell), a maverick artist and broadcaster (simon tyszko), fly it up to 48, 000 inches, then turn off (idle) the engine and […]

Seanace, Science and an interview with God (Delia Derbyshire) iTunes | Android | RSSThe Isotopica studio during our seance, channeling the magnificent Delia Derbyshire who helps us to understand THERE IS NO GOD, phew! Recording today’s episode required more than the usual studio set up Delia Derbyshire could spot the individual instruments in the grooves of a vinyl recording. Perhaps she had gifts from […]

Fire: Damaged Sale (pay us to save these children or else) iTunes | Android | RSSAUCTION ACTION AUCTION ACTION AUCTION ACTION AUCTION ACTION AUCTION The first ever live and utterly made up on the spot ISOTOPICA featuring Marina Sossi Mystic Yogi, fundraising, faith healing, and setting this troubled world to rights with Simon Tyszko for this resonance 104.4fm fundraisng week tyszko and sossi will perhaps […]

Edie’s Acid iTunes | Android | RSSFree of One’s Melancholy Self Often prescribed to nervous housewives, a quaalude was something between a sleeping pill and a sedative. First synthesized in the late fifties, by 1965 ’ludes were being manufactured by William H. Rorer Inc., a Pennsylvania pharmaceutical company. The name “quaalude” is both a play on […]

The Godfather: stuart Brisley iTunes | Android | RSSWhat a treat for me……. Isotopica at 3pm – Stuart Brisley, Godfather of British Performance Art May 7th, 2013 Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko in Isotopica at 3pm. Today: the eternal and subversive Godfather of British Performance Art, Stuart Brisley. Picking from over five decades of works and […]

Confessions of a Barbiturate user: madness, a review part 1 iTunes | Android | RSSAt 3pm in Istopica, artist Simon Tyszko considers madness, using interviews, field recordings and sonic collage in a programme which promises to be very dark. Note: some listeners may find the graphic descriptions of the hazards of drug usage disturbing. Indeed! Considering my own dalliance with curious mental health (addiction, […]