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a piece of music just grabs the moment and right now for me it is la vie moderne by Léo Ferré,who was a French-born Monégasque poet and composer, and a dynamic and controversial live performer, whose career in France dominated the years after the Second World War until his death...and also we start the broadcast with Golden Dark, the haunting new collaboration between elo masing and david john hull, a tune which has grabbed me for somewhat different reasons.... 
so why ferré? perhaps this song encapsulates a particular european modernism, a swing, a twist upon so much culture, the unique francophone traditions of chanson... with the world dashing backwards from reason and truth this music has me perhaps, spinning in a better time.... 
so.. we play it four times, at different  durations (same pitch), as a meditation, and a celebration........

my dad had 14 children
and if today I wear Dior
It’s obviously unrelated
My virtue is not excusing itself so well 
None ever knew
But when I did it had gone
The modern life, modern life
I had a nose like Cyrano 
A big, fancy, funny one
A real radar for gigolos
Since it’s been recovered
from a cheapo surgery
I can no longer sniff titties
The modern life, modern life
with then rounds of fertiliser
biology spawns children 
who come home alone to their mummy
in the labs they are horny
and in the streets they cuckolded
the hen lays eggs but sings no more
The modern life, modern life
Newspaper are like bandages
They need to be changed sometimes
Otherwise it messes with your mind
And beside no need for ideas
Because ideas make you think
and thoughts make you argue
The modern life, modern life
There are people who look exotic
and to scoff a “l’as de pique”
they would go all the way to Peking
Me without visa or prospect 
Albeit with bus tickets
I see a lot of people, even Americans / and that’s not far
The modern life, modern life
The shops are overwhelmed
selling paper gems
the kind that won’t ruin you 
Tissues that only get used once
So at least we know what
what the purpose is to have 10 fingers
The modern life, modern life

Paris sans Martin Stone, sans arcades, mais avec le marché et les amateurs de certains

Martin Stone

born 11 December 1946, died November the 7th 2016 at home in his apartment in Versailles on the outskirts of Paris. He died quietly in his sleep after a year long fight against cancer and was cared for by his long term partner Lynn. Martin was an English guitarist and rare book dealer. A longtime resident of Fingest in Buckinghamshire, and latterly Paris

A re-visit of an early morning stroll thought the markets of Paris with antiquarian Book dealer, Rock star, and all round Fine Egg Martin Stone and friends.

Martin buys an Elizabethan Manuscript and Adam buys some 1970's French Men's magazines, which although there are no winners in any pornography, it feels slightly less offensive through the patina of age

The Future is the Past : incept date January 8th 2016

Rough Episode notes.....

lemmy, fruit machines, hawkwind, lsd,

my first heroin overdose, post bomber tour christmas party after hammersmith odeon gig (1980?)

so young, so much heroin
so young, so much heroin

hauntology points to brazil being possibly the last film ever made, even featuring Scarfolk style posters including ‘ we are all in this together’ zzzzzp which takes up to the present, which was only the future in some strange dystopian past…..


I’m sure the absurd david cameron or some other tory wonks must have half watched brazil

and just thought all the really bad bit were the good bits, as yes we do pay for our own surveillance, and yes we are now charged more than ever for access to a criminal justice system….. no one should ever have had to make it up but terry giliam got it all all too right….. sigh

anyway…. the future that we are not having is arriving none the less as Roy Batty's incept date was (and is)  8 January 2016 that's sometime this coming friday, yes friday….. it's here, the future but it's not, it's the past, or the future as imagined in the past, beyond nostalgia...... spin spin spin 

Replicant (M) Des: BATTY (Roy)
NEXUS-6 N6MAA10816 [N6 = Nexus 6, M = Male, AA = Physical and Mental are both the highest grade, 100816 means his incept date was 8 January 2016.] Incept Date: 8 JAN., 2016.


but this weekend......

ClapTON Ensemble
ClapTON Ensemble

Plumb: composition, collaboration and molten lead


Isotopica today is a series of compositional performance, plumbing lessons, plumbing lessons that become performance, and collaborations with and excerpts from performances of The Clapton Ensemble. Please do not attempt any of this at home without a doctorate level composer present. (we ended up semi flooded in the making of this episode).

plumb 1

verb      the actor's attempt to plumb the twisted psyche of Richard III: explore, probe, delve into, search, examine, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, sound out, go into, understand, fathom, get to the bottom of, penetrate, unravel.

elo masing with stringed instrument
elo masing with stringed instrument


the peerless ClaAptOn Ensemble
the peerless ClaAptOn Ensemble

A Dead Drop from 48,000 inches

dead drop ipix-0069
Marina Rabbit in Greta
Marina Rabbit in Greta

What do you get when you place a 5.5 ft rabbit (marina sossi) in a 54 year old light aircraft with a famous photographer turned academic (spencer rowell), a maverick artist and broadcaster (simon tyszko), fly it up to 48, 000 inches, then turn off (idle) the engine and attempt to glide back to earth while discussing art, photography and death, you get…dead drop, this week's episode of isotopica

this post will be updated with vdeo, a slideshow of images and and v soon

a still from the dead drop movie
a still from the dead drop movie

Seanace, Science and an interview with God (Delia Derbyshire)

The Isotopica studio during our seance, channeling the magnificent Delia Derbyshire who helps us to understand THERE IS NO GOD, phew!Recording today's episode required more than the udsual studio set up Recording today's episode required more than the usual studio set up
oh dear, there is no god
oh dear, there is no god
Delia Derbyshire could spot the individual instruments in the grooves of a vinyl recording. Perhaps she had gifts from heaven.
Delia (with her colleagues at the bbc radiophonic workshop) invented techno electronic music, was instrumental in developing sampling and was light years ahead of the world she inhabited.
I recently listen to a small selection of her work and felt dwarfed in its presence. Today's episode is an homage........

Fire: Damaged Sale (pay us to save these children or else)


The first ever live and utterly made up on the spot ISOTOPICA
featuring Marina Sossi Mystic Yogi, fundraising, faith healing, and setting this troubled world to rights with Simon Tyszko

Burning Children to head off notional sharing of resources (communism)
Burning Children to head off notional sharing of resources (communism)

for this resonance 104.4fm fundraisng week tyszko and sossi will perhaps (or perhaps not) heal some right wing children.

Oh Jesus

They will set your soul free by helping you to contribute to your very own emptiness, find out how and view magical items here, including a bubble bath under an aeroplane wing.


Edie’s Acid

Free of One’s Melancholy Self

A very big Quaalude

Often prescribed to nervous housewives, a quaalude was something between a sleeping pill and a sedative. First synthesized in the late fifties, by 1965 ’ludes were being manufactured by William H. Rorer Inc., a Pennsylvania pharmaceutical company. The name “quaalude” is both a play on “Maalox,” another product manufactured by William H. Rorer Inc., and a synthesis of the phrase “quiet interlude”—a concept so simple and often so out of reach. Just whisper “quiet interlude” to yourself a few times. Seductive, no? It’s the pill in the “take a pill and lie down” directive thousands of Don Drapers gave their Bettys.
Personally i was lucky enough to have a few years when the english version of Methaqualone Maandrax was still just available on our very black market. In the very early eighties i managed to get several boxes of a South African branded capsules which were that last of this particular drug i have every seen.


There are no mention of Quaaludes in this episode, they just sprang to mind while writing this podcast, yet would certainly have been on Edie's regular lists.



The Godfather: stuart Brisley

What a treat for me.......

Isotopica at 3pm – Stuart Brisley, Godfather of British Performance Art
May 7th, 2013
Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko in Isotopica at 3pm. Today: the eternal and subversive Godfather of British Performance Art, Stuart Brisley. Picking from over five decades of works and actions at the very edges of contemporary art, Simon discusses topics ranging from Stuart’s blacklisting by the British Council, setting fire to the outside of Tate Britain, and Agitation Propaganda. [Repeated Sunday 6am.]