Ship to Shore, a nautical adventure with Jean Wainwright

Tuesday’s Isotopica features the delightful and loquacious Jean Wainwright (of audio arts fame), talking about all things nautical, from the missing, pretend ‘round the world captain Donald Crowhurst to her family on the Titanic. All of this focused on her epic series of exhibitions Ship to Shore in southampton.

Isotopica explores the horn

Isotopica will be broadcasting (a)live every tuesday afternoon between From 20 may To 20 June for a fabulous re-sounding of the UK’s largest ever audio loudspeaker.

From 20 May 2014, a full-size reconstruction of the gigantic ‘Denman horn’ will be the centerpiece of an innovative new art installation by Aleksander Kolkowski in our Virgin Media Studio, exploring and celebrating the artifact and its history through newly created sounds, music and the spoken word.

The Denman horn

Alongside the installation will be a wide-ranging programme of events and audio demonstrations, featuring live broadcasts, sound art and archive radio footage from contributors including the BBC History, Resonance 104.4FM, BBC Radio 3, Archive of the Now, London College of Communication, Royal College of Music, and Royal College of Art.

Once a popular highlight of the Museum’s daily tours in the 1930s, this historical object was originally commissioned by former Science Museum curator Roderick Denman, aiming to establish a benchmark in audio quality. Almost entirely destroyed in 1949, the Denman Horn was feared lost until 1981 when Museum staff uncovered the initial nine-foot-long section. The colossal horn measuring an impressive 27ft has been painstakingly rebuilt by the Museum’s Workshops team and visitors can now witness this audacious, forgotten instrument in action.


In Conversation with Gerard Melanga and Dr Jean wainwright

Gerard Joseph Malanga (born March 20, 1943) is an American poet, photographer, filmmaker, curator and archivist.

Andy Warhol and The Factory

Gerard Malanga worked closely with Warhol during that artist’s most creative period, from 1963 to 1970.[2] A February 17, 1992 article in The New York Times referred to him as “Andy Warhol’s most important associate.”[3][4]

Malanga was involved in all phases of Warhol’s creative output in silkscreen painting and filmmaking. He acted in many of the early Warhol films, including Kiss (1963), Harlot (1964), Soap Opera (1964), Couch (1964), Vinyl (1965), Camp (1965), Chelsea Girls (1966); and co-produced Bufferin (1967) in which he reads his poetry, deemed to be the longest spoken-word movie on record at 33-minutes nonstop. Malanga played a combination of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby in Warhol’s film Since (1966). Also in 1966, he choreographed the music of the Velvet Underground for Warhol’s multimedia presentation, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable. In 1969, Malanga was one of the founding editors, along with Warhol and John Wilcock, of Interview magazine.[5] In December 1970, Malanga left Warhol’s studio to pursue his work in photography.

A Dead Drop from 48,000 inches

dead drop ipix-0069
Marina Rabbit in Greta
Marina Rabbit in Greta

What do you get when you place a 5.5 ft rabbit (marina sossi) in a 54 year old light aircraft with a famous photographer turned academic (spencer rowell), a maverick artist and broadcaster (simon tyszko), fly it up to 48, 000 inches, then turn off (idle) the engine and attempt to glide back to earth while discussing art, photography and death, you get…dead drop, this week’s episode of isotopica


A trek to Fulham Palace with the TRA

Lancaster Court tenants and residents association (TRA) were invited for a lovely day out by our new best friends Fulham Palace Gardens , the delicious and reinvigorated slice of green that used to house the London Bishops. It’s an amazing space with historic house, ancient gardens, revitalized greenhouses and some of the oldest trees in London.


Curzon Workers Living Wage


Can you hear that deafening sound echoing through London?

Just fuck off
Just fuck off

It’s the sound of the goodness and the joy being sucked out of our lives and our social fabric by the Neo-Liberal free market.

Therefor this week, isotopica gets to meet some art house cinema workers (curzon) who describe their personal war of attrition as this much loved cultural institution gets hollowed out and expands as a brand, to provide value for the shareholder and remove all traces of the passion that originally bought it life.
This fight is a microcosm of the battle waging all around us as the human right to a living wage is spat upon by our neo-liberal kleptocracy.
All voices have been disguised as dissent is punishable by zero hours on a zero hour contract.
links to follow to find out more and get involved


Communism: Communist Party Manifesto in Morse Code


Communist Party Manifesto in Morse Code
I believe we have finally satisfied a glaring gap in the great free market, a fully listenable, full rendering of the Communist Party Manifesto in Morse Code, please share this, and then sit back, listen , and see the world catch fire………