Plumb: composition, collaboration and molten lead iTunes | Android | RSSIsotopica today is a series of compositional performance, plumbing lessons, plumbing lessons that become performance, and collaborations with and excerpts from performances of The Clapton Ensemble. Please do not attempt any of this at home without a doctorate level composer present. (we ended up semi flooded in the making of […]

A walk Through The getty Picture Library With david Ellis iTunes | Android | RSSDavid Ellis and Tyszko, stroll around the labyrinthine shelves of the Getty Picture Library, where countless millions of prints, negatives, glass plates and every conceivable form of photographic image are stored and documented. At some point we find a trunk containing the archive of my long dead Brother Stefan Tyszko […]

The one that starts with a Yellow Fingered Girl iTunes | Android | RSSStarting off this week with The barrow poets and their delightful ‘yellowfingered Girl’, We listen to a classic recipe in the old style of the BBC for producing quality Heroin, Listen to some field recordings of one of my recent trips to kabul with Pippa Small, And finally wizz around […]

If Jagger were French? iTunes | Android | RSS This is the episode that starts off in a delicious amateurism with The Portsmouth Sinfonia, I then ask you to consider what would the world be like if Mick Jagger were french, with a Gallic turner from the classic 60’s film Performance, after which we veer sideways into last […]

A treat with Dudley Sutton iTunes | Android | RSSIsotopica Sutton On this weeks isotopic detour, amongst the irregular sounds and samples, tyszko is in conversation with national treasure, actor Dudley sutton. during this chat sutton reads through an excerpt of peter handke’s self accuse. a classic piece of minimalist european experimental theatre from the 1970’s that may or […]

The Episode In Which The Computer Crashed And I Threw Something Together At The Last Moment iTunes | Android | RSS This is the episode in which the computer crashed and i threw something together at the last moment. never the less, it’s isotopica