Plumb: composition, collaboration and molten lead


Isotopica today is a series of compositional performance, plumbing lessons, plumbing lessons that become performance, and collaborations with and excerpts from performances of The Clapton Ensemble. Please do not attempt any of this at home without a doctorate level composer present. (we ended up semi flooded in the making of this episode).

plumb 1

verb      the actor’s attempt to plumb the twisted psyche of Richard III: explore, probe, delve into, search, examine, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, sound out, go into, understand, fathom, get to the bottom of, penetrate, unravel.

elo masing with stringed instrument
elo masing with stringed instrument


the peerless ClaAptOn Ensemble
the peerless ClaAptOn Ensemble


at phlight-1

A walk Through The getty Picture Library With david Ellis

one of countless millions of images at this phenomenal archive

David Ellis and Tyszko, stroll around the labyrinthine shelves of the Getty Picture Library, where countless millions of prints, negatives, glass plates and every conceivable form of photographic image are stored and documented. At some point we find a trunk containing the archive of my long dead Brother Stefan Tyszko

one of countless millions of images at this phenomenal archive
one of countless millions of images at this phenomenal archive



The one that starts with a Yellow Fingered Girl

scorpion brand heroin

Starting off this week with The barrow poets and their delightful ‘yellowfingered Girl’,
We listen to a classic recipe in the old style of the BBC for producing quality Heroin,
Listen to some field recordings of one of my recent trips to kabul with Pippa Small,
And finally wizz around Hyde Park with a delightful and singing Lilly, who happens to be an 8 year old girl and is sitting in the basket on my bike

scorpion brand heroin
scorpion brand heroin ready to go

If Jagger were French?

activism, performance and anarchy

This is the episode that starts off in a delicious amateurism with The Portsmouth Sinfonia,
I then ask you to consider what would the world be like if Mick Jagger were french, with a Gallic turner from the classic 60’s film Performance,
after which we veer sideways into last weeks end piece character 60’s avant-garde sound artist Alvin Lucier, this time he is performing and then discussing some of his work, and at some point he segues back into the fabulous Dr. Chicago character and then back into Artist Lucier, at which point i ask you to really meditate upon where one begins and another actually ends…… Patty Hearst, Captain Beefheart and some 78’s move us towards a sound recording of the security at the Really Free School and we limp toward the end of our hour with disgracefully disgraced sex therapist Wilhelm Reich or at least his Wife…..

activism, performance and anarchy
who’s that?

A treat with Dudley Sutton


On this weeks isotopic detour, amongst the irregular sounds and samples,
tyszko is in conversation with national treasure, actor Dudley sutton.
during this chat sutton reads through an excerpt of peter handke’s self
accuse. a classic piece of minimalist european experimental theatre from the 1970’s that may or may not become a film piece directed by tyszko.
Dudley also gives us a reading of one of his new poetry pieces  called ‘the shitty committee”.

we can also see this beautiful film of dudley reading one of his poems in the grounds of the chelsea arts club

The Episode In Which The Computer Crashed And I Threw Something Together At The Last Moment

my hackintosh

This is the episode in which the computer crashed and i threw something together at the last moment. never the less, it’s isotopica

a hackintosh computer, out of its box, working fine

We Start The Series Laughing

pippa on the hill

Episode one
Starts off with a discussion of class and privilege with Pippa and Stewart Small somewhere in the Cotswolds,
We then veer off at right angles with Wim Wenders to the libraries of Berlin then neatly land somewhere in the Welcome Library with a brief excerpt of a discursive tour of the shelves with rogue enthusiast David Ellis, Somewhere in the mix is Dan Langton as Madam Daniella, and today we tail off with a few words from Dr Chicago

pippa small in fiendish disguise

The One With La Monty Young


This week a single track by…

La MontyYoung is generally recognized as the first minimalist composer.[1] His works have been included among the most important and radical post-World War II avant-garde, experimental, and contemporary music.[according to whom?] Young is especially known for his development of drone music. Both his proto-Fluxus and “minimal” compositions question the nature and definition of music and often stress elements of performance art.

a landing in kabul

The unimaginably beauty and remoteness of the Hindu Kush Mountains
form the perfect setting for flawed jewel that is Kabul.
Few landings in the world equal the visceral otherness of this ancient destination.
video 12.31 simon tyszko