Coltrane, Einstein, and the Bomb iTunes | Android | RSSDartmouth professor and astrophysicist Stephon Alexander describes his jazz epiphany as occasioned by a complex diagram Coltrane gave legendary jazz musician and University of Massachusetts professor Yusef Lateef in 1967. “I thought the diagram was related to another and seemingly unrelated field of study—quantum gravity,” he writes in a Business […]

sine waves, mind control, and some radiation (in a storm) iTunes | Android | RSSmind control through sound… beta and gamma radiation…. a radioactive thunderstorm… past life regression…. and much much more on isotopica…. like wow!

a saucepan, a freud, a fox and i iTunes | Android | RSSwe prepared a saucepan,and played it as a semi autonomous instrument by lighting and adjusting the gas. we added a partial recording of a new text by jimmy fox (16 and a half)… we then added some wax cylinder recordings and other sound items, which we treated with a complex […]

sutton ritzy iTunes | Android | RSSsimon tyszko in conversation with dudley sutton, in which dudley tells us about his experience of the english middle class, censorship and the queen

international brigades (south west london) iTunes | Android | RSSa field recording of a moving event in bishops park fulham at a memorial for the local lives lost and the wider struggle of the international brigade in their historic fight against the facists in spain. the memorial was placed by the socialist council in 2007. the event recorded here […]

bingo number stations (ode to brexit) iTunes | Android | RSSas britain heads towards the cultural cliff edge of the foul brexit, isotopica considers this fate with a kind of ‘carry on’ number stations edition…. early edison wax cylinders, field recordings and judiciously selected samples make up this edition, as well as a world premiere of ‘ode to brexit’ by yours truly.

pleasant yet sad piano iTunes | Android | RSSanother long slow one, a glimpse of an even longer pice in progress, filmic reference, field recordings, spectral effects, and moods…….

strange french iTunes | Android | RSSsometimes a piece of music just grabs the moment and right now for me it is la vie moderne by Léo Ferré,who was a French-born Monégasque poet and composer, and a dynamic and controversial live performer, whose career in France dominated the years after the Second World War until his […]

early reverb iTunes | Android | RSSmy dark mood presents time stretched early music, ivor cutler, gina birch and a treacle thick drone, what’s not to like?